Romeo is Not the Only Fruit: Well on the Way to Ripe

DisColourNation’s Romeo is Not the Only Fruit challenges not only the archetypal love story, but the stereotypes to which lesbian lovers are doomed in most representations. The production provides an entertaining and thought provoking exploration of homosexual love and its portrayal in the mainstream. A new work written by Jean Tong and Margaret Tanjutco, the production’s script was mostly engaging and insightful. The tight, humourous … Continue reading Romeo is Not the Only Fruit: Well on the Way to Ripe

High School Musical: Charming Chaos

Trinity College’s High School Musical is a blockbuster production. With more than twelve musical numbers and a main cast of fifteen, plus a substantial chorus, there’s barely a moment to catch your breath, let alone feel bored. It might be due to this grand scale that so much of the show feels chaotic, but it’s also this energy that draws the audience in. The cast … Continue reading High School Musical: Charming Chaos

The Days In Between: Life in Limbo

As its title suggests, The Days In Between is a work that exists in the grey values. Morality, sanity and reality are never clear-cut in playwright Sara Laurena’s surreal nightmare, following drifting student Ira’s (Eunice Chuang) experiences with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The unease flows thick and fast right from the start, as a certain ‘happy song’ jars against a stage rife with haze, masked figures … Continue reading The Days In Between: Life in Limbo

Death of a Salman: Energetic and Amusing

A night full of amusement and laughter, MUSLSA’s annual charity play Death of a Salman opened last night to begin its three night run. With little connection to the play its title satirises, the show instead portrays a parody of the classic murder mystery plot, all presented through a light-hearted and comedic lens. The plot follows an eclectic bunch of characters who are invited to … Continue reading Death of a Salman: Energetic and Amusing

Gala: Comedy That Celebrates Comedy

As a part of the Melbourne University Comedy on Campus festival, the Comedy Gala was a fun and entertaining night featuring a number of acts, from student up-and-comers to established comedians. Just the sheer diversity in all the acts was itself the strongest element of the show. The performers displayed a number of different comedic styles. All acts throughout the night were stand-up, with the … Continue reading Gala: Comedy That Celebrates Comedy

Mudcrabs: A Set of Successful Sketches

Mudcrabs: The Box Set, opened last night for the first of their four night run, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. A lively demonstration of sketch comedy, Mudcrabs’ nine members demonstrated varying levels of commitment to pull off an energetic and rousing performance. With nudity, defiance of heterosexual norms and an array of accents, this eclectic show is guaranteed to present a sketch … Continue reading Mudcrabs: A Set of Successful Sketches

Playing It Safe

Twelve Angry’s Bachelorette is a solid production hindered by its own devotion to the text, but nonetheless prompts hearty laughs and reflection on what it means to grow up. The play is about a bunch of deplorable fuck-ups in their late 20s, coming together the night before Becky’s wedding to get wasted and complain about Becky. Sort of. The three leads, Gena (Rebekah Robertson), Katie … Continue reading Playing It Safe