Raffles on Capri

Born from the lyrics of Australian band Benny and the Dukes, Raffles on Capri is sure to delight audiences when fully realised in their six-show extravaganza in November.

In all honesty big, traditional show tunes have never captivated my interest, which is why this contemporary musical – albeit still in the works – has pleasantly surprised me so much. Attending audiences to the Raffles on Capri launch were treated to not only the concert version of the spellbinding yet fun songs of this brand new Australian musical, but also a trailer hinting at great things to come.

Two years in the making, it was clear from the outset that writer and director Seren Oroszvary, has poured her heart and soul into this show – and if the preview is anything to go by, it will undoubtedly wow audiences. Set amongst a throng of 20-somethings aboard a yacht on the river Seine in Paris, this show promises to offer something for everyone: psychedelic trips, love letters, young ambition, friendship, Skype. You name it, it’s got it.

If that’s not enough to grab you, I can personally assure you the stunning vocals of Tom Kant and Kelly Burke will leave you with goose bumps. While some vocal performances suffered some wobbly notes and could benefit from further refinement, it is evident that this fun cast will pull it all together, with their camaraderie shining through at every turn.

Anna Muggleton-Richardson 

Balloon Head Theatre’s original musical Raffles on Capri was previewed at the Guild Theatre on October 13th and premiered at Stop 17 on November 12th. 

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