No Day But Today

Loosely based on Puccini’s opera La Boheme, RENT follows the life of a group of creative friends fighting to overcome poverty in New York City’s East Village in the early 90s. Written and composed by Jonathan Larson in 1993, RENT opened on Broadway in 1996. Larson tragically passed away the night before the first preview of the show, explaining the lack of rewrites and the … Continue reading No Day But Today

Voicing The Unsaid

Latecomers and (de)construct may have been developed separately, but their connections are clear. Both pieces are concerned with ideas of the self and the ways in which we are perceived and constructed by those around us. Whilst the two pieces explore these ideas to different ends, Open Body has created a compelling partnership that leads audiences to question the true impact of their behaviour towards … Continue reading Voicing The Unsaid

‘Assassins’ A Dream

Over twenty years ago, when Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins originally opened Off-Broadway, the composer expected disapproval of its ‘volatile’ subject matter. The musical tells the stories of nine people who attempted – some successfully – to murder Presidents of the United States, and explores what motivated the assassins, using the conceit of a carnival shooting game. Today, it seems people are transfixed more than ever by … Continue reading ‘Assassins’ A Dream

Enjoying the Apocalypse

‘Don’t you see,’ Jeremy tells the Apocalypse Bear, ‘it was about who we are now and about our childhoods at the same time.’ This concept of duality is at the heart of Lally Katz’s Apocalypse Bear Trilogy. A narrative that stretches across time and space, forcing audiences to consider matters both dark and mundane – from domestic comedy to sexual violence – Katz’s absurdist play … Continue reading Enjoying the Apocalypse

The Law Reviewed

Homecoming, the Melbourne Uni Law Revue’s 2016 edition, saw the student devised sketch comedy back on the stage where it first started, at the Union House Theatre. Written, devised, and performed by the cast, Homecoming’s sketches didn’t really have anything to do with the idea of a homecoming, apart from the opening rap. I expected the 80s prom theme to be something that all the … Continue reading The Law Reviewed