Spirituality Piece

It is uncomfortable to classify Spirituality Piece as a performance. In one sense it is nothing more than you and Kim Ho sitting down having a chat about spirituality and eating some bickies. In other ways it was a complicated morphing of visual arts, where Ho creates complicated and colourful mind map while you describe your spiritual experiences.

After the very first line ‘what is spirituality to you?’ the piece is completely unscripted as Kim Ho gently encourages you to expand the answers and think about new ideas. With some key ideas around Religion, rituals, drug use and specific denominations being explored in each conversation. The interview I had lasted around twenty minutes but could have gone on for considerably longer.

These conversations will be used in a full production later in the year. It will be interesting to see how Ho uses these mind maps to create a performance, given the relatively small sample group. And given it takes a lot of confidence to actually go up to a stranger and discuss spirituality, the views expressed will likely create a skewed picture that is not representative of the university as a whole.

With his quiet but friendly temperament Kim Ho creates a rare opportunity for people of all backgrounds to discuss their own views on spirituality and religion in a safe non-judgemental way. While it was a lovely way to spend part of an afternoon, to call it a performance is quite a stretch.

Emily Roberts

Kim Ho’s Spirituality Piece is an unfinished work in development, presented by Open Body Theatre on the 9th – 14th of May.

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