Risk and Reward

ICAC’s undertaking of Stephen Sondheim’s masterpiece Company is one that leaves you with a song in your head long after you’ve left the theatre. Taking on the challenge of Sondheim is an impressive gamble in and of itself, and Company is not only a musically complex show, but a confounding and almost plotless series of vignettes concerning love and married life in New York City. At the centre of … Continue reading Risk and Reward

Reclaiming Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth is notorious as one of Shakespeare’s most powerful female characters, but her role is often secondary to that of her husband. Twelve Angry’s production of [Lady] Macbeth, directed by Fiona Spitzkowsky, seeks to challenge this, giving Lady Macbeth an equal role to that of her husband and creating ties between the female characters that bring new meaning to the play. The production’s primary … Continue reading Reclaiming Lady Macbeth

Long Live the Queen

Performing Shakespeare’s plays presents any theatre maker with numerous obstacles: the language must be relatable, without losing the flavour of the original; the setting, if modern, must be unpretentious; and if traditional must still be meaningful to a modern audience. Ultimately, MUSC’s production of Henry IV Part 1, directed by James Christenson, manages to overcome these hurdles, and present a relevant modern adaption of Shakespeare’s … Continue reading Long Live the Queen