Triple Threat

Four Letter Word’s production Triptych introduces three new works written and directed by students from or affiliated with the University of Melbourne. Cherry Bomb, The Mutineer, and Terrorism vary widely in tone and subject matter, ranging from the politics of student theatre, to colonialism, to terror and surveillance. They combine to present a refreshing and thought-provoking collection of theatre.  James O’Donoghue’s Cherry Bomb, directed by … Continue reading Triple Threat


The Melbourne University Chinese Theatre Group’s production of The Physicists, directed by Shan Huang and Bauhinia Lam, presents a satirical view on the dangers of scientific development. Relying on subtitles in theatre was a new experience for me, and yet the charisma and strength of the cast ensured an entertaining and involving production. On the whole, the production was entertaining, with strong performances and a … Continue reading E=MUCTG²

Putting the Pee in Privilege

This review contains spoilers of the show, so I’m going to get the synopsis/value judgement bits out of the way first. Urinetown is set in a dystopian world ravaged by global drought. Due to the water scarcity, the government has outlawed personal toilets, and citizens must pay for public facilities. These bathrooms are controlled by – cue groans – Urine Good Company, a corrupt corporation … Continue reading Putting the Pee in Privilege

The Culprit

The Culprit typifies what your grandparents think student theatre is: it’s low budget, weird and aims to make you think. It’s unlike conventional theatre but firmly within its own practice. As an audience member you are forced to take an active role within the performance, making everyone the culprit and the policing force of all other participants. Expect to be yelled at, to be asked … Continue reading The Culprit

Shakespeare Revived

The Melbourne University Shakespeare Company’s Henry IV.i was more of an experience than a production. Every aspect of the performance, from its powerful cast to its genius use of set design, allowed the audience to suspend their disbelief and enter a world where notions of honour and loyalty were challenged. For someone who hadn’t previously read the play, and can often struggle keeping up with … Continue reading Shakespeare Revived

A Thought-Provoking Piece of Theatre

Union House Theatre’s Megaphone Democracy is a provocative piece of original theatre that captivates the audience through masterful stagecraft. I wasn’t quite sure how this production was going to be presented but it definitely exceeded my expectations. When you walk into the Guild Theatre smoke encompasses the whole space so you can’t see the stage. The performance begins with horizontally spaced spotlights illuminating the choreography of … Continue reading A Thought-Provoking Piece of Theatre