Not-So-Private Lives

A mix of playfulness and passion characterised the Balloon Head Theatre Company’s inaugural production, Private Lives, taking the audience on one heck of an emotional rollercoaster. Noel Coward’s classic comedy of romance, with all its twists and turns, is encapsulated by the line ‘Chance rules my life’. The company carried this essence beautifully, with a truly endearing performance that managed to maintain a definite level of professionalism without ever … Continue reading Not-So-Private Lives

It’s Got Heart

Enthusiasm and feeling permeate MUSLSA’s Annual Charity Play On Time, which follows the Fernando family as they move into a new neighbourhood, next door to notorious old grouch Bernie Wilson. Manjitha Wijesinghe skilfully portrays this character both as a spirited young man and a curmudgeonly seventy-year-old. Sharini Arachchige is delightful as the bubbly seven-year-old Lucy; and Ariana (Inushi Ilangamage), the unexpected hero, drew laughs in the second … Continue reading It’s Got Heart

(Im)pure Imagination

Welcome to a world we thought we knew. A world where ‘pure imagination’ makes children feel like anything is possible. These dreams will be stomped on as you visit the factory of Willy Wanka: a complete disaster and downright wanka. Willy Wanka follows the original plot of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but with the added threat of bankruptcy. You’ll need to go and see … Continue reading (Im)pure Imagination