Interview with Simon Farley

Kate Weston sat down with her co-director and emerging playwright Simon Farley to talk about their upcoming production The Nun and The Highwayman. First presented by FLW Theatre at Mudfest, the play won a place in La Mama’s 2015 Explorations season, and opens this Thursday 26 November, running until Saturday at La Mama Theatre. Kate and Simon have known each other for entirely too long, and … Continue reading Interview with Simon Farley

An Implausible Species

Joanna Murray-Smith’s The Female of the Species is zany romp through the shifting politics of feminism. A conceited writer is held hostage in her mansion by a former student, while her rhetoric is placed under interrogation. Hilarity ensues. The college crowd audience were immensely entertained by the opening night performance I watched. At times, some of the dialogue was lost under the crowd’s laughter. A … Continue reading An Implausible Species