The Shrew We Need

It’s a brave enterprise to stage a production of Shakespeare’s most notoriously misogynistic play to draw attention to a devastatingly relevant issue in Australian culture: the cycles of family violence and abuse. The dangers are obvious. Make one wrong move artistically, and you risk reinforcing the very thing you’re condemning. MUSC’s production of The Taming of the Shrew walks atop this razor’s edge, and the … Continue reading The Shrew We Need

Love & Tradition

A ruined wedding, a love triangle, psychotherapy, homosexuality, intergenerational conflict and inhumane bureaucracy – all set against growing activism for democracy in Hong Kong. These are just some of the areas covered in this expansive new musical. Nanjing Beijing is the brainchild of Bang Xiao, who wrote the dialogue and composed its music, and is deftly directed by Helena Lu. What an astonishing feat for … Continue reading Love & Tradition

Polyester Rainbow

St Hilda’s production of The Wedding Singer is a boisterous and enthusiastic show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. An easy eighties rom-com, this is a somewhat predictable musical that closely follows genre conventions, but is no less satisfying for it. Mackenzie Downie was charming as Julia, giving an endearing quality to the female lead’s girl-next-door simplicity. She conveyed Julia’s romantic indecision both convincingly and … Continue reading Polyester Rainbow

The Horror of Doubt

When faced with two truths, each as convincing as the other, yet entirely incompatible, fear is not an unreasonable reaction. The cultivation of doubt is a tool of Veronica’s Room, coupled with time-honoured and effective horror tropes: sudden darkness, autonomous reflections, careful soundscape. MUCTG has created a brilliant show. The program is beautifully printed and at twenty-two pages is longer than some novellas. However it … Continue reading The Horror of Doubt

A Shakespearean Herstory

MUSC’s Athens Reborn is an intrepid production that takes on Shakespearean verse to tell the story of Imogen, a common servant girl who leads the women of Athens to rise against Spartan tyrants. Feminism is neatly woven into the historic language and setting, and the well-employed humour prevents the play from feeling didactic. This show is full of strong and impressive women in the script, … Continue reading A Shakespearean Herstory