Mudfest: Rudi & Rubi

Funny. Oddly charming. Ayu Maylinda is a gem of sass.

Sally Kingsford is the strongest actor, injecting realism and sincerity into the bizarre world of the show. She makes a good foil for the larger than life hosts.

I did want to see more of Rudi – it seems Rubi was fleshed out as a character at the cost of her partner.

Needed stronger direction. There were some odd blocking choices, and the play occasionally struggled with shifts in tone. A transition to a more expressionistic style was so abrupt as to undermine the full weight of the scene’s power: the audience was simply not prepared to accept a dramatic duologue about abuse after a series of glib comments and pithy insults.

However, having watched an earlier version of the piece, it was nice to see how much it’s developed. The writing flows much more smoothly this time. The characters are more believable, and I enjoyed the theme of feeling comfortable with the familiar and things remaining the same. It felt very true to its sitcom roots in that regard.

Roll with it.

Kate Weston


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