Mudfest: The Nun and The Highwayman

Expect to be enthralled. Nothing is overdone. Every part of the piece is lifted to the exact right level: the lighting, the costume, and the conflict.

The dialogue is tight and expertly written. Both performances are incredibly strong. While I think Martin Hoggart may not be scrappy enough to pull off all the ‘cunt’s, ‘shit’s and ‘motherfucker’s, the two performers are perfectly matched.

Considering it is co-directed, the performance is cohesive and the direction seamless.

To introduce an audience to a completely unique world, containing new stories, rules, vocabulary and characters in just 30 minutes, and to keep that audience wholly absorbed is a testament to both the writing and the performances.

I was lost in Farley’s words from the very beginning, and when it came time to leave, I had no desire to step out of his world.

Sunday Sommerfeld

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