Mudfest: Sparkle Tits and Glitter Nips

Great soundtrack with many high school feels. There may have been too many costume changes, but listening to Teenage Dirtbag made everything okay. Interactions between Lo and Hum were compelling, but the narration of the three women was impeccable. April Garreffa, Emma Caldwell and Esther Myles mixed humour and emotional rawness with a skill that brought the show to life. The comedy throughout helped make … Continue reading Mudfest: Sparkle Tits and Glitter Nips

Mudfest: Athens Reborn

The Shakespearean language is well handled by the actors, but even more impressively by the writer. Kim Ho succeeds in his mammoth quest to reuse and reshape the language of the Bard. Comedy and villainy are well balanced from an antagonistic politician to a sensitive nobleman. You’ll be angry, and then you’ll laugh. And then you’ll be sort of angry at the dude you laughed … Continue reading Mudfest: Athens Reborn

Mudfest: The Nun and The Highwayman

Expect to be enthralled. Nothing is overdone. Every part of the piece is lifted to the exact right level: the lighting, the costume, and the conflict. The dialogue is tight and expertly written. Both performances are incredibly strong. While I think Martin Hoggart may not be scrappy enough to pull off all the ‘cunt’s, ‘shit’s and ‘motherfucker’s, the two performers are perfectly matched. Considering it … Continue reading Mudfest: The Nun and The Highwayman

Mudfest: Dogshrine

Esoteric and at times abstruse, though it begins to unfold to you. Ambitious. Visually arresting. The spectacle alone made it worth seeing. Sound design a definitive strength, complemented by the eerie beauty of the lighting. Usa’s costume is wonderfully designed. Said a lot of interesting things about religion, conformity, guilt, entitlement. Jai Leeworthy’s writing offers no easy answers or resolutions. This is strangely satisfying. Overlong. … Continue reading Mudfest: Dogshrine

Mudfest: The Inevitable Death of Cassie Summers

Rory Dempsey is brilliant. Incredibly natural, believable – you hurt with him. Deftly directed – a tight show, well-paced. Purposeful transitions. Christensen is sure of himself and his instincts. Strong cast and commitment to the themes and ideas explored. These people are hurting and there is no easy way out. Features poignant and compelling writing about mental illness. You’re torn between conflicting realities and uncomfortable … Continue reading Mudfest: The Inevitable Death of Cassie Summers

Mudfest: Relationsh*t

Relationsh*t is a show that you’ve definitely seen before. Two characters trapped in a space overnight, while being forced to confront each other on something that neither of them wants to talk about, is not by any measure a new concept, although it is a reliable one. This iteration of such a universal model however, is done in Melbourne University’s underground car park, and thus … Continue reading Mudfest: Relationsh*t