Public figures in private: MUSC’s Antony & Cleopatra

In the lead up to the Melbourne University Shakespeare Company’s production of Antony & Cleopatra, Anthony Kuiper sat down with director Liam Bellman-Sharpe to discuss his adaptation of the play. Why Antony & Cleopatra? For a few reasons. It is a lesser known work but a well-known story. Everyone knows these characters and has associations with these characters. I think challenging people’s conceptions of what … Continue reading Public figures in private: MUSC’s Antony & Cleopatra

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

FLW Theatre’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore is one of those productions that well and truly holds your attention. The combination of Martin McDonagh’s Irish wit and Kevin Turner’s keen direction results in a wonderfully entertaining piece of theatre. The writing is sharp and quick, filled with black comedy and irony, and I found myself consistently waiting for the next line. When it came it always … Continue reading The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Power Trip

Though problems with pace and writing hold it back, MUSLSA’s 2015 charity play Power Trip is fun, light-hearted entertainment for a good cause. Election candidates Sampath Gallage (Jay Jeeva) and Mukesh Tennakoon (Sid Nair) despise each other, and both men will stop at nothing to win the top job on their local council. Our introduction to the campaign comes via Shan (Nuwan Ranasinghe) and Jan … Continue reading Power Trip

Waiting for Godot

We enter to see Estragon perched on a low mound struggling unsuccessfully to remove his boots. There is a single leaf-less tree. The stage is spacious, the set minimal with lighting that changed only at moments of necessity (such as when night fell) This will be the only introduction necessary for all those who have attempted (courageously) to read Samuel Beckett’s play by the same … Continue reading Waiting for Godot

The Wild Party

Ubermensch’s production of Michael John LaChiusa’s The Wild Party, directed and choreographed by Emmalee Meisels, fell disappointingly short of being wild, or indeed, a party. The musical follows the trajectory of a party thrown by Queenie and Burrs in their New York apartment for their fellow starlets which quickly descends into a night of debauchery. We learn more about the characters as their personal backstories … Continue reading The Wild Party