Talking Sugar Tears with Adelaide Greig

Actor, director and playwright Adelaide Greig, talks about her upcoming Mudfest play, Adrift in My Ocean of Sugar Tears. Catchy Title! What is the significance of that image, being ‘Adrift in my Ocean of Sugar Tears’ for the play itself? I really struggled to settle on a name. ‘Adrift’ alludes to the hopelessness of Edna and Nora’s situation and sugar tears was inspired by my … Continue reading Talking Sugar Tears with Adelaide Greig

Cry-Baby the Musical: Squeaky Clean

Exploding onto the stage in a flurry of cable knit sweaters, rockabilly dress, and vocal talent, Whitley Annual Residential Theatre Society’s (WARTS) production of Cry-Baby the Musical proved to be a fittingly jubilant and rabblerousing finale to the organised stage presence of Whitley College. Delivering a surplus of laughter, love, and catchy tunes, Cry-Baby both impressed and entertained. From the moment the curtains were drawn, … Continue reading Cry-Baby the Musical: Squeaky Clean

West Side Story: Energetically Tragic

University College’s West Side Story is an ambitious production, taking on a musical that’s not just known for the tragedy of its finale, but also for its difficult dance sequences. While UC’s finished product may not be all that polished, it’s high in energy, and a largely enjoyable spectacle. Albert Elton was one of the show’s highlights as the male lead, Tony. Mixing boyish humour … Continue reading West Side Story: Energetically Tragic

‘Reflecting’ on Mirror’s Edge

“To walk on mirror water is to walk on sky.” Stepping into Union Theatre, I see a lake. Onstage. Filled with water and reflecting the stars from a screen that falls to the floor behind it. This is a recreation of Lake Tyrell, the subject of Mirror’s Edge, and it is breathtaking. Throughout the play the screen changes from stars, to clouds, to trees – … Continue reading ‘Reflecting’ on Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge: The Sky’s the Limit

I had forgotten about this play until the morning of. Realising that my schedule was already tightly packed, I was on the verge of asking that someone else take my reviewer’s ticket. But something stopped me; perhaps it was the lake calling. Pardon the cliché. Should I have ignored the ‘call’, I would have made a terrible mistake. Mirror’s Edge is a must see. No, … Continue reading Mirror’s Edge: The Sky’s the Limit

10 Out of 12: Carefully Constructed Chaos

Tech Rehearsal. Two words that will instantly strike fear into the hearts of anyone who’s ever been in, involved with, an observer of, or heard about a theatre show. Their very utterance recalls long-repressed memories of focusing lights, looping sound effects, set pieces and costumes going horribly wrong, and stage managers on the precipice of aneurysms. It’s the stage in a show’s production that is … Continue reading 10 Out of 12: Carefully Constructed Chaos

Interview with the Cast of Mirror’s Edge

Union House Theatre’s upcoming production, Mirror’s Edge, is a new work by Kim Ho, which has been revised in collaboration with the cast and creative team throughout the rehearsal process. I sat down with three of the cast members, Jo Chen, Eden Gonfond and Rebecca Poynton, to talk about the show. What drew you to this play or this role? Eden: I was part of an … Continue reading Interview with the Cast of Mirror’s Edge